Fancy Guppies UK

The club for all guppy hobbyists

   International Fancy Guppy Association Inc.Dedicated to improving the Fancy Show Guppy towards the current International Fancy Guppy Association standards and promoting those standards worldwide.
 ALA  American Livebearer Association The goal of the American Livebearer Association is to gather, organize and disseminate the knowledge of livebearers, to promote fellowship among members, and to further the conservation of species and their natural habitat.
 DGLZ  DGLZ – German Livebearer Association
 Association France Vivipare  Association France Vivipare – French Livebearer Association
 Poecilia Nederland – Dutch Livebearer Association
 Poecilia Scandanavia  Poecilia Scandanavia – Scandinavian Livebearer Association
 GWG  Goodeied Working Group 

The primary goal of the Goodeid Working Group is to promote collaboration between like-minded hobbyists, universities, public aquaria, zoos, museums and conservation projects in order to maintain aquarium populations of Goodeids while assisting in preservation of remaining natural habitats  Viviparos

A fabulous Portuguese site with tons of information