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Freshwater Habitats found in Michoacan, Mexico Please click on the habitat name to view the profile.

La Minzita. Photo E Radax 0

La Minzita,Michoacan

La Minzita is a lovely habitat, only 7KM from the city of Morelia so is used as a leisure facility for the city with many people visiting it for picnics etc. It is also...

Rancho El Molino 1

Rancho el Molino, Michoacan

This site is located near a small village, the water supplying the habitat comes from a spring. This site has a variety of habitats, from small shallow fast streams, larger slower flowing area’s and...

Laguna Cuitzeo, Michoacan, 0

Laguna Cuitzeo, Michoacan

Laguna Cuitzeo is the second largest freshwater lake in Mexico. The volume and water level fluctuate vastly during the year and even year to year. It is home to many species of livebearer. Native...

Opopeo. By E. Radax 0

Opopeo, Michoacan

Opopeo is a small spring, feeding a stream that empties out into Lago Zirahuen. It is the habitat of the very rare Allotoca meeki. Once home to many species, the pool at the spring has...

La luz, Mexico 0

La Luz, Michoacan

La Luz is a natural spring fed lake in Michoacan State, Mexico. It is home to a number of native and introduced species of fish. The following photographs we taken by Ivan Dibble in...

Lake Zacapu 1

Zacapu, Michoacan

A stunning lake, Zacapu is home to a large number of Goodeids.   This lake is home to some monster goodeids… The following photographs we taken at a small stream that drains into the...