Rancho el Molino, Michoacan

Rancho El Molino

Rancho El Molino, Michoacan, Mexico. Photo By E.Radax 2014

This site is located near a small village, the water supplying the habitat comes from a spring. This site has a variety of habitats, from small shallow fast streams, larger slower flowing area’s and large marshy sections.

Several species of livebearers are found here including:

Allotoca diazi, Allotoca dugesii, Alloophorus robustus, Skiffia lermae

The A.dugesii from this population are of particular interest as black individuals of both sexes occasionally appear (approx one in every 200 fish).

This habitat has a healthy population of most species, however it is a very small area and as with most of these small spring is at risk of habitat disturbance which could very quickly lead to problems.


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  1. Kay Urban says:

    I got eight young fish from Nigel Hunter in October 2015. Of these eight fishes, six have later almost completely black colour. Two were colored gold-gray. Over the winter they had developed well and from erly June 2016 I held a six-group over the summer in a bucket in the garden. I have almost seen nothing from them all summer, but in the autumn I have brought back 20 very healthy and vital fish to my aquarium cellar. The offspring of later litters turn out to a high percentage (about 90%) completely black. I have already been able to pass on a lot of fry and adult fish of these fascinating animals to interested friends.

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