BLA – Show rules

The exhibitor has a duty of care to ensure that the fish provided for the show are the optimum condition.

The organisers will not allow any fish into the show that is:-

  • Heavily gravid
  • Showing poor health
  • Showing signs of disease
  • Showing signs of damage
  • Showing undue distressed.

Disqualified fish will be moved to the treatment area by the exhibitor, who will be solely responsible for the provision of any and all treatment/care of the fish.

Preparing and transporting your fish for the show

  • It is a recommendation that you starve your fish for 48 hours before the show, this reduces the possibility of your fish producing waste and ammonia which can contaminate the water within the transport bag and the show tank.
  • It is a recommendation that your fish are transported in bags with rounded seals to prevent the accidental trapping of fish in the corners. If these bags are not available then tape will be used to round the corners off.
  • The bag will be large enough to hold sufficient water for the fish during the transportation to the show.
  • The bag will be tied off with a water/air ratio of one third water and 2 thirds air.
  • Fish should be bagged individually.
  • Use a suitable polystyrene box or other suitable means to transport the fish and extra water to the show.
  • Where necessary use a heat pack or other preferred method to keep your fish/water at the correct temperature.


  • Arrive in plenty of time to bench your fish, giving them sufficient time to acclimatise for showing after transportation.

Show tanks

  • All fish shall be shown in flat-sided rectangular Show tanks
  • The show tank must be of sufficient size to allow the fish freedom of movement and the ability to display at its full potential.
  • It is recommended that all Show tanks be fitted with clear loose fitting cover glasses
  • The container base should be coloured black and all other faces to be clear.


  • All Show Tanks are to be adequately filled with water
  • Wherever possible the exhibitor will provide their own water to fill their show tank.
  • The Show Organisers will not be responsible for any loss of, or adverse effect on any fish caused by the water provided at the show.


  • Aeration may be used by the exhibitor, but will be removed during judging.

Treatment area

  • Show organisers will provide a treatment area.
  • This will separate to the benching area.
  • All disqualified fish should be transferred to the triage area.
  • If this is not possible then the fish must be covered up.

The following facilities will be made available:

  • Aeration with airstone if required
  • A thermometer
  • Means of altering the water temperature.
  • A commercial stress treatment.

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