Basingstoke 2024

Sales Table

Working on a ‘bring and buy’ format, please bring you unused tanks and equipment, excess plants,shrimp, snails and fish to be sold on the Sales table for a 15% commission to the BLA.


Two Guppy shows in one. A beginners section where people new to showing guppies can show there fish. Judging will be low key with the best looking fish winning the award.
A expert breeder secion which will be judged to FGUK standards

Q&A/Guest Speaker

We will be holding a Q&A hosted by Shaun Stevens of Tropiquaria. Ask the questins you want to know the answers to about anything from Livebearer husbandry to Livebearer conservation.

Two mini talks will sandwich the the Q&A, the speakers and subjects are TBD, these will be 10 -15 minute duration.


A Livebearer auction with a range of fish not usually found in the in your LFS.
Auction letters are available for those who wish to sell, 15% commission to the BLA. please contact Steve for your letter and T&C’s
Please note all fishlists must be pre registered, no new lists or sellers on the day.