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Limia vittata (Guichenot, 1853)

Etymology:                            Limia: Limia derived from the Latin ‘limus’ meaning mud, pertaining to the feeding habits of the fish Vittata: (Latin) meaning “striped” or “banded” First description: Guichenot, A. 1853: Poissons. In: De la sagra, R., Histoire physique, politique et naturelle de l’Ile de Cuba. Vol. … Continue reading

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Neoheterandria elegans (HENN, 1916)

Etymology:                 Neoheterandria: from the Ancient Greek Neo meaning new, heteros, meaning ‘other, another, different’, and andros, meaning ‘male’. elegans: from the Latin elegans, meaning fine, elegant, and handsome. First description:        Henn, A. W., 1916 – Annals of the Carnegie Museum 10(1-2): 93-142 on various South American … Continue reading

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Girardinus metallicus (Poey, 1854)

Etymology:                 Girardinus after the French – American ichthyologist Charles Girard metallicus referring to the metallic body colouration. First description:        Poey F. 1854. Los guajacones, poecesillos de agua dulce. In Poey, F., Memorias sobre la historia natural de la Isla de Cuba. Havana, … Continue reading

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