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Welcome to the British Livebearer Association

The B.L.A is a group a group of enthusiasts dedicated to promoting the hobby of keeping and breeding freshwater livebearing fishes.

Next Event:

Autumn 2017 Convention:

This is held Jointly with UK Fancy Guppies and their Show.

Sat 7th & Sun 8th October
Holiday Inn Express
Rockingham Road
NN14 1UD



Saturday 7th October
9:30am Talk one – Fancy Guppies – Showing, Judging and standards. Bill and Tomasz
11:00 am Talk 2 – Dissection of a fish, David Pool
1:00 pm Talk 3 – Fish Diseases. David Pool
2:00 pm Talk 4 – Livebearing fish  Q and A. Dan Fromm.
4:00 pm  Fancy Guppies UK AGM
7:00 pm Banquet Meal and Presentation
Sunday 8th October:
9:30 am Talk 1 – Constructing a Glass Fish tan. Matthew Rowthorn
11:00 am Trip to Mexico to see Goodieds – Greg Roebuck
12:00 pm – Winners of the Colouring Competition Announcement
12:15 Guppy and BLA Auction




We hope you enjoy the site.

British Livebearer Association