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Welcome to the British Livebearer Association

The B.L.A is a group a group of enthusiasts dedicated to promoting the hobby of keeping and breeding freshwater livebearing fishes.

Next Event:

Autumn Convention :

British Livebearer Association
in association with
Fancy Guppy UK
Date :- Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th September
Venue :- IBM Warwick, on the A46 at CV34 5AH

What’s happening :-

Fancy guppy show – Many stunning examples of the breeder’s art on view.

Trade Stands

Exhibition of wild-type livebearers

We are delighted to welcome Fred Poeser who will present two talks

Talks are:

  1. Guppy genetics

2.  Central American species of Poecilia

Fred is a lifelong livebearer enthusiast who has been on many exdeditions to wild habitats of livebearers. He is also the man who scientifically described the Endler guppy, Poecilia wingii (as well as other Poecilia sp)

Auction of wild-type livebearers on Sunday. Bring your surplus stock to sell or buy those hard-to-find species that you are unlikely to ever see in an aquarium shop.
Auction of guppies. All the guppies in the show are auctioned after prizes have beed decided. Some show winners go for high prices but plenty of great-looking guppies sell for just £3 a pair – great value!

We hope you enjoy the site.

British Livebearer Association