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Fluval is on a mission to bring inspiration and innovation to fish keepers around the world. Through ground-breaking product technologies, educational initiatives, conservation efforts and strong social media engagement, our brand speaks to all generations of hobbyists to foster a sustainable future where aquatic life and humankind can thrive in harmony.
Everything for the aquarist and pond keeper – Established 1983
For a great range of Marine Aquarium Pond and Reptile products at fantastic prices visit Ketteringkoi.com.
TMC supplies livestock and aquatic products to over 1200 retail stores in the UK and over 500 in the Iberian Peninsula. TMC also has a well-established distribution network in mainland Europe with at least two distributors in each of the major European countries.

EBO Foods Premium Fish Food for Tropical Fish
Our high-quality tropical fish food has been developed by experienced breeders to provide a balanced and nutritious diet that meets the needs of our tropical fish and promotes their health. It consists of carefully selected ingredients of the highest quality to ensure optimal digestibility and nutrient absorption.
The Fish Barn is a new venture started up in December 2013 and supplies quality general Tropical fish which also includes Czechoslovakian sourced F1 African Cichlids and all wild caught South American species of fish at very good prices. We are able to take requests for fish and we’ll try our best to bring you the fish you want .