Bringing your fish to auction

Preparing and transporting your fish for sale

  1. It is a recommendation that you starve your fish for 48 hours before the show, this reduces the possibility of your fish producing waste and ammonia which can contaminate the water within the transport bag.
  2. Where possible prepare and use fresh water for your fish to reduce the possibility of contaminates that exist in aquarium water.
  3. It is advisable to add water conditioners to reduce toxins and relieve stress such as Ammo lock or stress coat in the bag. (Please adhere to manufacturers recommendations).  
  4. The bag needs to be large enough to maintain the fish for at least a 24-hour period and the bag will be tied off with a water/air ratio of one third water and 2 thirds air.
  5. Pairs or more large fish should be bagged individually and joined together securely enough that the bags cannot be accidentally separated.
  6. Large groups of smaller fish should be in bags large enough or split in to smaller and joined together securely enough that the bags cannot be accidentally separated. 
  7. To avoid the accidental trapping of fish within the bag, it is recommended that you use a bag that is manufactured with a rounded seal. If you don’t have this type of bag, use tape on the corners to round the corners off (please remember to ensure the bag is dry when the tape is applied to ensure it stays in place).
  8. Please use a suitable polystyrene box and if necessary, use a heat pack or other preferred method to keep your fish at the correct temperature.

Labelling your bag

You will be issued a letter prior to the auction. Label all your bags with this letter and the number of that particular lot for example A1, also include the name of the fish with any relevant collection or location data and also a  reserve price should you wish to set one.

PAIRS: – fish are normally sold in pairs – so that the purchaser can breed them. Please ensure that if sold as a pair, then the fish are a true pair. If not a pair – this must be stated on the form and bag.

Please ensure that all lots are clearly labelled and the labelling will not be erased/distorted during handling or water contact.

Auctioning of Lots

Your box of fish will be placed below the rack and opened up alongside all other boxes. Bags will be taken at random and placed on the viewing rack for the buyers to inspect, once the auctioneers are ready the fish will be removed from the rack for auctioning.

Lots that contain fish that are dead, distressed or in the opinion of the committee are not fit for sale will not be auctioned.

Lots where the fish are incorrectly bagged, for instance the bag is deflated, too small for the fish or in the opinion of the committee are not suitable for sale will be returned to the seller.

All bidding will start at the specified reserve value for the lot or £5.00 and will raise in increments of £1.00. At the end of the auction the total sales per seller will be calculated. A 15% commission per seller is deducted before the seller is paid.

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