Steve Oliver – Chairman

My name is Steve, and I live in Birmingham. I had my first aquarium when I was 11 years old but only really started to become properly interested in the hobby about 20 years ago. When I started to focus more on livebearers, I joined the BLA. To join the BLA is a progressive step forward in discovering livebearers and where they came from. I eventually joined the committee as a general member (partly through necessity at the time) and then my role evolved into the events manager. My interests at the moment are centred around Xiphophorus and poecilids, with a special interest in Limia species.

Peter Ellis – Membership Secretary

My name is Pete, and I live in Leeds. I have a fish room, which is a converted spare bedroom. I use to specialise in Corydoras but I’m now concentrating on livebearers, with an emphasis on conservation. I enjoy cultivating live foods such as micro & Grindal worms, daphnia, mosquito larvae and fruit flies.

Clive Walker – Vice Chairman & Hampshire Events Manager

My name is Clive, and I now live in Hove. I first got interested in fish at the age of nine as there was a tank of swordtails in the Hounslow children’s library maintained by Hounslow &DAS. I got a tank for my tenth birthday in 1962. I now have a fish house with twenty two tanks. I have kept many species of fish over the years, I now concentrate on livebearers , a couple of cultivated species and several species of Goodeid and Xiphophorus.

Richard Le Coat – Treasurer

My name is Richard and I am based in Birmingham. I have over 10 years of fishkeeping experience and have previously worked in the aquatic trade. I now have a keen interest in conservation and also specialise in the field of filtration and water quality.

Holly Walford – Show Secretary, Social Media & Midlands Event Manager

My name is Holly, and I am based in the West Midlands. I have been fishkeeping for over 15 years and have previously worked in the aquatic trade. I am very passionate about conservation and endangered species of livebearers, particularly Goodeids. I really enjoy creating biotopes, attending fish-related events, getting involved in fish-related projects and I am also a regular contributor for the Practical Fishkeeping Magazine. I have recently set up my own fish room which keeps me very busy!

Greg Roebuck – Livebearer News Editor

Paddy Davis – Conservation (Goodeids) & South West Events Manager

Bill Galbally – Conservation (Xiphophorus)

Steven Milne Cumbrian Events Manager

Sheridan PamplinFundraising and Sponsorship

My name is Sheridan and I am from Northamptonshire. I have been keeping fish for over 40 years.