Autumn Convention 2021

The Autumn convention will be very different to previous years,

We have joint show involving not only us and the Fancy Guppies UK, but The British Killifish and the British Cicihlid Associations. There is a selection of the meeting rooms at the Holiday Inn, South Normanton booked. This will provide fantastic opportunities for all the associations to put on a great show weekend

You can look forward to fantastic weekend where you can not only get together and socialise with members of our association, but explore new horizons within the Killifish and Cichlid communities.

You can look forword to 5 auctions, the one from ourselves, the Fancy guppy show fish, members and show killifish auctions and a cichlid auction.

There are shows not to be missed from the Fancy Guppy European show, The Killifish show and various classes of livebearer show.

There will be a members meeting for you to come along to. This where you can voice your opinions on the running of the association, and for some to become part of the committee. Your voice is important, but you have to be there to aire it. We are looking forward to a large turn, out at not only the meeting, but at the shows and the Auctions.

Please remember this is a ticket event and we recommend that you get your tickets in advance. (details on purchasing tickets to follow). Tickets will be available at the door for both Saturday and Sunday, please remember that if room capacity is reached, then tickets sales on the door will be withdrawn.

There will be Hotel rooms available, please wait for details from us as we are trying to negotiate room prices for the weekend.

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