Spring Show 2020

14th and 15th March 2020

What’s happening?
We are holding our spring show in collaboration with our sister association – Fancy Guppies UK and as part of a new venture the British cichlid Association
The show will consist of talks, the opening leg of the Fancy Guppy league, ‘ask the expert’, Biotope displays, livebearer auction, Endler show, Livebearer and Endler shows

IBM Conference rooms,
Birmingham Rd,
CV34 5AH

Opposite the IBM offices is a Premier inn
Address: 40 Birmingham Rd, Warwick CV34 5AH, UK
Phone: +44 871 527 9320
(If this is hotel is not available, there are many other good hotels in the area).

The talks
The speakers and subjects from all groups have yet to be confirmed. (Saturday)

The Fancy Guppy League
The fancy Guppies are holding the opening leg of this year’s Fancy Guppy league.

‘Ask the Expert’
An excellent chance to find the answer to your fish related problems and participate in lively discussion with our panel of experts. (Sunday)

Biotope displays
Species to be shown in biotopes are:- yet to be announced

Show and Tell
A new feature for this event, a series of fish will on show and the audience will invited to gather round each display and discuss various related topics from husbandry to conservation with the the owner of the fish and other experts.

Livebearer show
A new area for us, this will follow the same format as for the Endler show but this time with all livebearer classes, again this is put out to the membership and we really need your participation for this to work. (Saturday)

Endler show
Following on from last year’s successful show, we will are hoping to expand on last years and make this an annual event. This will remain as an informal event where we invite you to bring in your best pair or pairs of  Endlers to display and for our judges to award points. The winners down to third place will receive a prize.

Livebearer auction
The livebearer auction will complete the day with an auction of mainly wild type species, this is the best chance to find that species you have wanted for some time. (Sunday)

The most important part of these shows is to provide the opportunity for you to meet some of our other members and discuss topics from species husbandry/breeding to tips on showing fish.

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2 Responses to Spring Show 2020

  1. Robb says:

    What are the opening times Please- and is Saturday the best day to attend for guppies?. Thanks.

  2. A says:

    Was this on last year?

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