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Xiphophorus nigrensis (Rosen, 1960)

Etymology: Xiphophorus: Greek, xiphos meaning ‘sword’; Greek, pherein meaning ‘to carry’ Nigrensis: Latin, nigri meaning ‘black’; Latin, ensis meaning ‘to come from’. First description: Donn E. Rosen 1960. Middle-American poeciliid fishes of the genus Xiphophorus. Bull. Fla. St. Mus. Biol. Sci 5 (4): p 57-242. … Continue reading

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Xiphophorus pygmaeus (Hubbs and Gordon 1943)

Etymology: Xiphophorus: Greek, xiphos = sword + Greek, pherein = to carry pygmaeus: due to it diminutive size First description: C.L. Hubbs and M Gordon (1943) ‘Studies of cyprindonont fishes. 19. Xiphophorus pygmaeus, new species from Mexico’ Copeia 1943(1):31-3 Synonyms: Xiphophorus … Continue reading

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The Northern swordtails

The northern swordtails live in and around the Panuco river basin and are separated from the southern swordtails by a geographical dividing line known as the Trans-Mexican volcanic belt. The northern swordtail group is made up of three clades and … Continue reading

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