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Sunday, 15 February 2009 20:29

The British Livebearer Association is open to anyone interested in keeping and maintaining livebearing fishes, whether they are cultivated varieties or wild forms.

The Association has been set up to keep members informed of availability, identification and maintenance of livebearing fish and will include new developments in conservation and report on descriptions of new species and name changes. The Association also seeks to educate members on matters of husbandry, techniques and tips in connection with fishkeeping generally and specifically regarding keeping livebearers as well.


Xenotoca eiseni

Xiphophorus multilineatus


Communication with members will be mainly in the form of a magazine issued four times a year to be dispatched approx. March, June, September and December. The magazine is available in paper form, delivered by post and / or e-form delivered by e-mail. There is a reduced membership rate for e-mail magazine.

A minimum of two events will be held each year. A Spring Auction and Mini-Convention around March and an Auction, Fish Show and Convention in the Autumn around October. Other events may take place during the year. Details will be published in the magazine. There is a sub group for those interested in Guppies who hold other events throughout the year.

The Association run a Species Control and Maintenance Programme in order to facilitate availability of new species throughout the membership and a Breeders Award Programme to reward commitment and success in breeding Wild Species of Livebearer Fish. Members are entitled to take part in these Programmes and are actively encouraged to take part.
Membership is £16.00 for UK residents and £20.00 Sterling for Overseas Membership, E-Membership is £12.00. The Association will contribute one pound for every membership subscription to the Hobbyists Aqua Lab Conservation Project to help them fund the Ark project in Mexico.
Membership runs from January to December each year, regardless of the date of joining, renewals are due in January however joining midway through the year entitles you to back issues of the magazine.

Doublel swordtail guppy from

UK's only international guppy show 2009


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